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In May 2014, I stopped publishing blog updates via my email newsletter in favor of curating stories and articles relevant to my interests. The decision to shift my focus away from 100% tech content was to allow friends and followers to get to know me on a personal level and discover mutual interests.

Thrive Magazine showcases my passion for art, food, drink, tech, gadgets, golf, Philly and what it means to not just live life, but embrace it.

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It's rare that I'm able to share my passions on such a grand stage like the Internet. I'm grateful for the opportunity and I hope to meet many new faces along the way.

The (unofficial) Apple Commercial Playlist

One night, while I was following a Wikipedia rathole, I came across an article documenting the songs used in various Apple product commercials At the time I was a heavy Spotify user, I searched for a playlist that had the music, but I came up empty-handed. In a moment of frustration, I decided that if no one else wanted to create a playlist for it, then I would. After an initial three hours, I had a good chunk of the music noted on the Wikipedia post added to the Spotify playlist.

Since its creation, the list has undergone four revisions to both add songs, delete duplicates and find better versions with appropriate album art. You can subscribe to the playlist here. As of January 2015, this information is compiled from, as the original Wikipedia article was removed. The Spotify playlist now boasts 164 tracks with a play time of 10h 22m, and has over 12k followers.

Started in 2009, provided reporting and commentary on all things technology throughout Indianapolis. As the Editor In Chief, I managed a staff of 10 and together we rose to the forefront of technology news reporting in the midwest. We were not a corporate-owned media outlet, so the latitude we had in reporting on industry events and items was broader than most. Sadly, due to the financial constraints, was ceased publication in 2011 shortly before its second anniversary. A fully-functional archive of the site can be found at (You can view my posts here.)

You can view the video archive of on Vimeo.

New Media Designs

Back when I first started doing web media, decided to start my own business. New Media Designs, LLP was founded in 2009 as a consulting business for web publishing and photography, servicing businesses mostly in the West Indianapolis area. At its height, NMD provided community news under the website West Indianapolis Today, and global audio podcasts with such shows as Mac After Dark, The Tech Geek and The 2.0 Show. Eventually NMD was spun off into its flagship product, IndyGeek.

You can view the video archive of New Media Designs on Vimeo.


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